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Custom printed, personalized, imprinted promotional and advertising products customized with your marketing logo and discounted 20%  At we sell screen printed (silk screened) promotional and advertising products with your marketing corporate logo, customized and decorated for printing on the advertising specialties promo product you have selected.  Your personalized easy grip jar openers can be used as a corporate gift, marketing promotion, or printed with a promo message and it is available on sale at special wholesale or discount prices. At Extra Mile we provide custom printed promotional easy grip jar openers to your specifications.  Our imprinted easy grip jar openers are personalized to allow your easy grip jar openers to promote your advertising and marketing program. 

Custom printed promotional and personalized easy grip jar openers discounted at sale prices with imprinted logos or your advertising and special marketing message. Personalized easy grip jar openers are on sale at special reduced (cheap) prices to fit every economy budget.  Discounted and wholesale easy grip jar openers are printed with your custom imprinted personalized message or advertising logo.  Advertising Cheap easy grip jar openers are always available with our specially discounted prices, and can put your name in front of your customers. Custom easy grip jar openers with a personalized logo imprint is our specialty. Customized easy grip jar openers printed with your promotional message are normally shipped in 8-15 working days. You can place your custom logo on easy grip jar openers at our discounted prices, and have your advertising campaign off and running in no time. Easy Grip Jar Openers are available at our regular discounted wholesale prices.


 #AM-6AP is an apple shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers.

Custom Printed Glass Jar Grippers -- Jumbo 6" size
Product Code: #AM-6xx

The manufacturer calls these jar openers "magic" and we think they might be right! They make it easier to open the most stubborn jars, but have lots of other uses as well. They help tighten your grip on hand tools, triple your strength for any gripping purpose, and even work as a lint remover. As a bonus, the imprint stays on, so your message will last for decades, waiting quietly in a drawer until there's a need. Inexpensive and rugged, these jar openers are a great promotional product.

Attractively packaged in individual polybags with “see thru” back panel.


High quality rubber


Approximately 36 square inches; see individual shapes for specific sizes

   Colors: Light Blue, Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Pink, Purple, Teal, Tan, Black, and Burgundy

Shapes as listed

Pre-discounted Price for 500 (1c imprint): $0.80; add a 0.50" magnet to the back for $0.12. Your cost will vary depending on all available discounts, quantity, style, and size! End Quantity Pricing Available on many products! Quotes normally provided the same day or within 24 hours.

#AM-6PO is a grand piano shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers.
Grand Piano
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#AM-6FB is a football shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers. #AM-6TH is a top hat shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers. #AM-6HO is a house shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers. #AM-6HN is a hand shaped opener in the jumbo 6" line of easy grip rubber jar openers.
Top Hat

This is a list of the 6" rubber jar openers currently available. All are priced as above.
Starred shapes are available with free stock graphics upon request.
     (See Football, House, and Apple, above)

Apple* #AM-6AP 5-3/8" x 6" Hand* #AM-6HN 4.5" x 6"
Circle #AM-6C 6" diameter House #AM-6HO 5.5" x 5.5"
Diamond #AM-6D 5.75" x 5.75" Piggy Bank* #AM- 6PG 6.5" x 5"
Football* #AM-6FB 7.75" x 4.5" Square #AM-6SQ 5.75" x 5.75"

We have rubber jar openers in many different custom and stock shapes, sizes and price points.

This page features our Jumbo Easy Grip Jar Openers -- the largest jar openers in our line. These Jumbo jar openers are approximately 36 square inches in size. Exact measurements are given in the table that lists item codes. These jar openers are available in all 14 colors and 8 shapes. If you wish, we can add stock graphics to your advertising message on several of these Jumbo Easy Grip Jar Openers. We've listed these at the bottom of the table. You can also add a 1/2" magnet to your economy jar opener for .12 each. Jumbo Easy Grip Jar Openers are individually polybagged. These Jumbo Easy Grip Jar Openers will be a promotional product that your customers will use and appreciate for a long time!



 4" - Economy Size      5" - All 5" shapes      6" - Large Size     Pets & Wildlife     Food & Beverage     Transportation

Most orders will have an additional $55 setup charge and shipping costs.  Other charges may apply.

Most orders subject to a billable over/underrun of 10%. 
Some products are more prone to this than others.  If your quantity is critical please ask how this policy will impact your order.